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Integrated Business Planning (IBP) has become a top Corporate priority with the growing complexity of global operations and challenging environment – politically and economically. Companies need to connect the planning function using technologies, applications and processes across the enterprise to improve organizational alignment and financial performance.

IBP accurately represents a holistic model of the company in order to link strategic sales & operations planning with financial planning.

The process that achieves this ideal is called SIMPLE, Smart Integrated Market-driven PLanning & Execution.

True IBP allows companies to do strategic, bottom-line oriented “what if” scenario modeling, powered by process-enabling technology and aligning all the Organizational functional areas of Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance into a single line of sight thereby paving the way for plan to performance to profit.

Oracle Demantra Real-Time Sales & Operations Planning (RTSOP) extends the demand-driven adaptive planning across all the functional areas of organization to Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations.It enables you to implement a comprehensive sales and operations planning process that balances demand and supply around a one-number forecast to drive operational excellence and achieve profitability goals.

Oracle Demantra RT S&OP provides a highly configurable and workflow-drive collaborative planning platform that easily adapts to company business processes and improves decision making.

Oracle Demantra RT S&OP allows for top-down and bottom-up planning that allows for feasibility and validation of business plans and identify potential gaps.

Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center (APCC) provides decision makers with a comprehensive solution that delivers powerful analysis of operational, tactical, and strategic supply chain plans, robust scenario modeling and management, and automated business process execution capabilities.

Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center’s unique offering of prebuilt dashboards, reports, performance indicators, facts, hierarchies, alerts, and context-sensitive drill downs provide the decision support tools that increases the value in supply chain without the need to master complex tools and processes.