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Companies need to complement their robust and agile Demand driven supply chain systems with a accurate and fast order promising system.

Order promising system embarks on improving Customer satisfaction levels and increase in fill rates by providing reliable and correct information on deliveries to the customers and fast processing of the order reschedules.

Oracle Global Order Promising (GOP) promises customer orders accurately and fast in a 24×7 available system with ‘zero downtime’ considering all the supply chain constraints such as substitute products, alternate resources, substitute components, lead times, network, resource capacity, calendar constraints.

Oracle GOP supports multiple transaction systems to provide consolidated global picture of demand and supply and several order entry systems to capture customer bookings.

Oracle GOP provides various multi-level supply-chain promising methods based on customer needs such as Available to Promise (ATP), Capable to Promise (CTP) and Capable to Deliver (CTD).

Oracle GOP also features supply allocation support for adherence to various contractual agreements and service levels with key customers and channels that yields most profitability.

Oracle GOP provides extensive and native support for all kinds of business models inclusive of the complex Configure-to-order (CTO) architecture.