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To support good Demand plan companies have to put in place an equally agile strategic and tactical Supply Chain plan.

Today’s dynamic and rapidly changing supply chains have to deal with new and innovative business problems characterized by increased competition, short product life cycles, increased outsourcing, increased demand uncertainity, rapidly changing customer demands, very little room for lead times slack.

All these demand a robust Operations management strategy and tightly integrated Supply Chain systems that provides benefits of –

  • Flexibility :

    Provides management operational flexibility to respond rapidly to external events, such as the actions of competitors and changes in customer demand.

  • Inventory Management :

    Improve inventory management, which means fewer overstocked and understocked conditions.

  • Improved Profit Margins :

    Lead to a lower cost structure, which results in higher profit margins.

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) offers a holistic, exception driven MRP solution that span long term aggregate planning to short term detailed schedules, multiple manufacturing processes (lot based, process, discrete, configure-to-order, and project based), and all organizations including customer & suppliers across a virtual supply chain.

With the entire footprint of Unconstrained, Material & Resource constrained and Optimized plans, Organizations have various ASCP options to start from current processes and reach the Maturity model at their own speed.

Oracle ASCP provides support for all types of ERP systems and Legacy systems thereby reducing the implementation costs & time and thereby driving faster ROI.

Oracle Rapid Planning (RP) delivers a fast, incremental planning engine providing predictable & actionable insights, ability to quickly react on unexpected and sudden supply chain events such as demand change from important customer, product quality issue, supplier yield bust or a suddent product line breakdown.

Oracle RP provides robust exception management and a spreadsheet-style productive user interface allowing Planners to make quick, most-profitable decision and implement in the execution systems.

Oracle Inventory Optimization (IO)provides an optimal target inventory level without affecting customer service levels using inventory postponement and risk-pooling strategy, across the entire supply chain of manufacturing plans, distrubution channel, customers and suppliers.

Oracle IO determines how much inventory to hold at various stages of production i.e finished goods, subassembly and raw materials and cost effectively balance revenue, cost, customer service levels, and inventory budgets.

o optimize inventory investment within available budget, IO accounts for all the supply chain variabilities due to seasonal factors, forecast errors, promotions or new product introductions, lead -time uncertainties, supplier performance issues, unreliable deliveries.