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Todays rapidly changing world asks for a agile and responsive supply chain network.

Companies also need to consider the hedge and risk management strategies in the Network design and able to simulate the outcome of unpredictable events in the supply chain network.

Oracle® Strategic Network Optimization (SNO) is a rapidly enabled supply network design solution that considers all the complex costs and constraints and providing the most optimal network configuration.

Oracle SNO allows to model all nodes of the supply chain network inclusive of all cost types such as transportation, operating, sourcing, storage & labor and identifies the best sourcing strategy.

Oracle SNO allows to effectively manage and mitigate strategic as well as tactical supply chain risks of potential unplanned events by formulating contingency plans.

Oracle SNO provides what-if simulation capabilities that enable powerful decision support for making tough strategic business decisions such as inventory pre-build versus overtime, or single source vs. multi-source.

It can also perform quick and comprehensive what-if analysis against multiple demand scenarios, evaluate currency fluctuations, and evaluate impacts of mergers and acquisitions to the distribution and supply network.

Oracle® Collaborative Planning (CP) is the solution to enable multi-enterprise planning extending beyond companies organization into Supplier and the Customer supply chain network.

Oracle CP allows collaboration with the trading partners improving the accuracy and reliability of information with the additional benefits of reduced planning cycle times and capability for quickly reacting to supply chain exceptions.

Oracle CP provides global visibility of the inventory across the entire Value chain in a secured environment paving the way for cost reduction strategy programs such as customer inventory replenishment (Customer facing Vendor Managed Inventory – VMI) and key supplier replenishing your inventories (Supplier Vendor Managed Inventory – VMI).